On certain pages such as quote detail or quote cart, you would have noticed the timeline at the top of the page.

This shows the quote's progress within the quote/book/delivery process.

Let's go through the milestones in more details !

  • Quote requested
    When the forwarder submits the quote request.

  • Quote accepted
    When the airline has responded to the forwarder's quote request (pending acceptance, counter offer or rejected). This is the cue for the forwarder to decide whether to accept the quote by making a booking request or not.

  • Booking requested
    When the forwarder accepts the quote and now requests to book the shipment.

  • Booked confirmed
    The airline has accepted the booking request and it is now a fully converted booking. The forwarder can then deliver the goods to the airline.

  • Shipment in transit
    When the airline has accepted the shipment from the forwarder at origin.

  • Shipment delivered
    When the goods have arrived at the destination and the airline has handed over the goods to the recipient.

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