Our AI-powered search engine is specially designed to optimize freight forwarder experience in booking shipment space from cargo airlines.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how a forwarder can search and book their airfreight on our platform:


Enter the specific requirements for your cargo shipment in the search box. Extra options for more specific search are available via the DIMENSIONS button.



Search results

Our artificial intelligence-powered system will recommend suitable airlines based on your search parameters. You can sort the flight results by the best, cheapest, earliest arrival, best quality or response time and filter via aircraft type (wide-body, narrow-body, freighter, surface/ground transportation), direct flights only, one or more option per airline.

E-Booking selection

Booking possibilities are possible for some airlines and you can identify them via their 'BOOK NOW' buttons.
Access to market rate or your contract rate (if you have sent it to us for upload) is possible here.

For direct bookings, you can jump directly to Step 4 of this guide.

E-Quote selection

To send an eQuote to several airlines, select the tick/check boxes on the right of the airline you want.

  • Select the tick/check box next to a particular flight where a quote request is required. Note that you can only select ONE flight for each airline and click REQUEST QUOTES (see example circled in RED)

  • Use your mouse to hover over a specific flight to see the flight details (see example circled in GREEN)


1. Submitting eQuotes

Add comments and special handling code (SHC), if required. You have the possibility to set a target rate in all-in. In the option airline contact, you can enter an airline email which will be saved for your future use or choose an existing preferred airline email contact in the list.

Note that this page only displays the flights that you had selected. You can click on 'Invite another airline/flight' to add another airline or flight to your quote submission.

Click 'SUBMIT' and your quote request will be sent to all selected airlines' contacts, saving you many hours' work!

2. Monitoring eQuote status using the quote dashboard

You can monitor all your quotes via the quotes dashboard. It is accessible when you click the 'quotes' tab on the header menu. The quotes statuses are updated in real time.

  • In 'ready to book' section, you can see flights which were accepted by at least one airline.

  • In 'archived' section, you can see your past quotes records.

Once you receive a quote which fits with your requirements, click on the record and select the action button to book via the quote dashboard, or from product information details (the blue (i) icon) .


Enter your AWB number. and shipment details). If you do not have an AWB stock with the airline, leave it blank and the platform will provide you an AWB number.

You can enter the email address of the consignee so he will receive a notification when the shipment arrives and also add comments or references related to the shipment.

Proceed by clicking on the BOOK button.

Voila! Just arrange for your cargo to be sent to the airline warehouse.


Check the status of all your cargo shipments under the shipments tab - including those which are still pending acceptance from the airlines, in transit, delivered or cancelled. Our color-coded progress bar indicators make it easy for you to see everything at a glance.

You can choose your next step via the actions buttons on the extreme right column (blue buttons). Click to view more details of a specific shipment or rate your experience, especially if there was any delay or damage to your shipment.

That's it, we hope this article was helpful!

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