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The "Invite another airline / flight" feature
The "Invite another airline / flight" feature
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At the request quote stage, you would have already selected one or multiple airlines to get quotes. In case, you would like to add another airline or a specific flight, you can do so by clicking on the Invite another airline / flight button.

(Important: This section is NOT for adding your 'copy addresses' but meant for adding your preferred AIRLINE addresses whom you normally correspond with, so please do not add non-airline emails here. Thank you.)

A popup window will appear. Type the airline you would like to add / 'invite' into the quote request. You also have the option to insert the flight number if you are interested in a specific flight.

Once you click on Submit button, the invited airline will appear with the other airline(s) in the same quote cart. You can choose to use the existing email contact of the added airline (if available) by selecting the 'arrow down' icon (circled in green in hereunder screenshot example), or you can enter a new email address for this airline by selecting the '+' icon (circled in red in hereunder screenshot example) and adding the new email. Select CONFIRM to complete the process or CANCEL to discard the new email.

If you had chosen CONFIRM, you will now see the new email listed when you select the '+' icon to view the airline contacts.

Select the email addresses where you want to send your eQuote request by ticking.

Now click SUBMIT to send your eQuote request.

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