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How to filter and rank search results?
How to filter and rank search results?
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Our artificial intelligence-powered search system will recommend suitable airlines based on the search criteria you enter on the main search page. These criteria are the basic information needed to search for cargo shipment such as origin and destination of the cargo, desired time and date of departure, the basic measurement such as weight and dimensions of the cargo.

Based on the basic search, quite a number of results are typically generated. These are displayed according to departure time of the aircraft - from the earliest to the latest. This is where it can get overwhelming and time-consuming. For a quicker search experience, you can narrow the search results by *airlines by:
- clicking "... more results" to see more airlines (below the airline list)

- click the TOP tick box to remove all the ticks next to the airlines.

- tick the airlines for which you would like to search.

You will find these further options to target your search to the most suitable cargo aircrafts:

  • Best / *Greenest / Cheapest / Earliest Arrival
    You can select the most suitable flight for your cargo depending on urgency, *CO2 efficient and cost.

  • Auto-AWB - Airlines providing automatic Airway Bills:

  • Instant Booking - Airlines integrated with instant booking option:

  • Direct Flights - Check out the direct flight possibilities:

  • Origin & destination - If the selected origin or destination city has more than one port, this is where you can select the most convenient port for your cargo needs.

  • *Airlines - This option is useful for frequent or returning customers of particular airlines. For quicker search results, select only the airlines you frequently use.

  • Aircraft type - You can also tick the boxes at the bottom to select your preferred aircraft type. This option is only recommended if you have specific aircraft requirements for your cargo.

These are all the filter options available.

You can also sort the order of how your search results appear based on departure date/time or via airlines (respectively).

To find out more, click Step-by-step guide for forwarders.

We hope you find this article useful!

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