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Customize your search results using shipment dimensions
Customize your search results using shipment dimensions
Optimize your search results to get the best available flight
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You can search for a good number of matching cargo aircraft just by searching from our main search page. However, our system can perform more targeted search with more relevant results if you input more specific airfreight cargo information.

(Note that if you are unable to see any flight, it means that there is no aircraft type that matches your cargo dimension specifications. If you still want to see the flights available, increase the cargo weight to >100kg and use general cargo dimensions or select ALL

as shown in above screenshot.)

This is available through the input shipment details button at the bottom left corner of the search page. This option is useful if the cargo has various dimensions and weight. Enter the different types of cargo you have and our system will automatically calculate the total chargeable weight for you.

Step-by-step guide to optimize your search:

  • On the main search page, enter your cargo's origin, destination, departure date and select the goods type. Skip/omit the volume and weight boxes/fields.

  1. Before clicking search, click the DIMENSIONS button.

  2. Each line or item here is considered as one "piece group" where each piece is having the same dimensions & weight. You need to create a separate entry/line for each piece group's configuration.

  3. Select the number of pieces for the "piece group" and input the length / width / height / weight / weight type.

  4. Pieces - This is the quantity of cargo that are in the same piece group
    (i.e. the dimensions and weight for each item is the same).

  5. Weight - You can either enter the total weight of the entire piece group, or weight per item within the piece group as the system will automatically detect your entry and categorize them for you.

  6. Stackable - Tick this box if the cargo can be stacked on top of each another during shipment.

  7. Turnable - Tick this box if it doesn't matter which side the cargo faces; upwards or downwards, during shipment.

  8. Click save to move on to the next piece group

  9. All the piece groups will be displayed on the main search screen.
    Edit your input using the edit (pen icon) and delete (dustbin icon) buttons.

Our system will automatically calculate the total volume, weight and chargeable weight of your cargo based on your detailed entry.

  • Check that your entry is correct. Then click search.

We hope this article was helpful!

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