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What type of aircraft is performing a flight?
What type of aircraft is performing a flight?
Find out what type of aircraft is servicing a particular flight on any given day
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Ever wonder what type of aircraft is actually flying for the flights displayed in the search result page? Wonder no more. Let us shed some light on it.

When you hover your pointer/mouse over the flights in the search result, you will see a tool tip that looks like this:

  • From airline list

  • From each airline's flight list

From this compact tool tip, you can get 3 pieces of information:

  1. Flight number
    The airline's flight number. In the above example, it is "QY1261" and "QY1098".

  2. Aircraft model
    The aircraft manufacturer and model number. This information might be important to you as some aircraft may have restrictions on the cargo that they can carry.

  3. Aircraft type
    The category that this aircraft belongs to. In general, aircraft are classified as narrow-body, wide-body or freighter. If it does not fall within any of these 3 categories, or there is insufficient information, it will show "unknown".

  4. For flights with one or more transits/stopovers, each transit/stopover will display their respective flight numbers and aircraft information.

In the CargoAi system, aircraft types are also colour-coded.

Narrow-body aircrafts (passenger) are displayed in light purple color

Wide-body aircrafts (passenger) are displayed in purple color

Freighter aircrafts are displayed in pink color

GREY indicates that the aircraft type is not disclosed or unknown.

We hope you find this article useful!

Note: Images shown here are for illustrative purposes only.
CargoAi reserves the right to change the actual screen layout without prior notice.

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