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How do I make sense of "booking history"?
How do I make sense of "booking history"?
How to navigate around the booking history page
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This page gives an overview of all the confirmed bookings you have with various forwarders. Let's quickly walk through each section so that you can make the best use of this page.

Wait! How do I get there in the first place?

To get to the "Booking History" page, select shipments in the menu followed by history, like this:

Once you have caught up, let's resume the walkthrough!


At the top right corner of the page, you can see the search Field:

Enter keywords like the Shipment ID, etc.; as you type, bookings that contain what you are typing will be displayed immediately. You can use this to quickly zoom in to specific booking.

You can also use one or more of the 4 preset filters at the top to locate what you need:


This gives you a quick overview of bookings you have on hand. It also works as a filter - click on any of them to zoom in to bookings that has a specific status.


For details on booking status, see Booking status.

Time filter

Right beneath widgets, you can click on any of the time buttons to narrow down bookings with flights that depart for the current week or month. The all option cancels the filter and shows all information.

Bookings table

This is the highlight of this page, as it gives a bird's eye view of your operation and shows each booking's status.

Forwarder - Shows you the forwarder who has made that particular booking.

Destination - Shows the final destination for each quote, denoted by the airport code. It is assumed that the origin is the airport where you are based.

AWB no - Provides the airway bill number associated with that particular booking.

Flight no - Shows the flight number associated with that booking.

Departure - Shows the local date and time of the departing flight.

For flights with multiple transit points, it will be the departure time when the shipment starts.

Shipment details - Shows the product type, overall weight and volume of the cargo associated with a particular booking. You can use the pointer/mouse to hover over it to check the details of that shipment if the information is available.

Progress - Shows the current status for each booking.

For details, please refer to Guide to shipments' progress.

Actions - Allows you to take some follow up action for each booking.

The "i" button will bring you to the details for that particular booking.

If you click on the "..." button, you will see a popup menu that allows you to update the status of that booking. Updates take effect immediately.


You can sort the bookings shown in the table by clicking the column headers.

When sorting is in effect, you will see an arrow next to the column header, like this:

Clicking the header will allow you to sort in ascending order, descending order or remove sorting.

Further readings:

We hope that you find the information useful.

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