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Rates available for forwarders in CargoAi
Rates available for forwarders in CargoAi
Understand which rates are available in CargoAi and how setup your own rates to optimize booking requests
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Rates Definition

There are several types of rates available on CargoAi:

Airline published rates

Any freight forwarder that has agreed to terms with airlines, either because the freight forwarder is part of IATA CASS, or the airline received a bank guarantee from them, will be entitled to a full list of standard airline rates to all destinations from the freight forwarder's country of origin. These rates typically (but not always) change twice per year to follow the summer and winter seasons.

You can find these rates from RATES / AIRLINE RATE SHEETS

Contract rates

If you have a long term contract agreement with an airline, due to a big volume on a specific trade lane, the contract rates will also show up on CargoAi, since these rates are linked to your IATA CASS number.

Spot Rates

These rates are only available upon Spot request (eQuotes). The rate may be lower or higher compared to published rates, but you're sure to have access to the airline's capacity! If they are available, you should be able to see them after you make a search for flight. Just tick/select the required flight and click REQUEST QUOTES.

ULD (Unit load device)/ Pallet rates

Any freight forwarder that chooses to build-up their own consolidation via any airline unit load devices can opt for ULD rates. This rate is usually lower than the net rates. The airline may offer either a flat rate to each ULD or a rate per kg that is to be charged to a specific pivot weight or chargeable ULD weight; whichever is greater.

Note: Pallet rates not yet available on CargoAi

IATA rates

Industry rates available on the IATA website are typically more expensive than any other rate category. IATA rates are applicable to certain commodities, but they are generally only used for display on the master airway bill.

Note: CargoAi is not using IATA rates.

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