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If you are searching for a flight but do not see the BOOK button for a specific airline,

this could mean that:

  1. you are a registered user, but your CargoAi account does not have an IATA CASS

  2. there is no capacity for the input dimensions (or size) of your cargo

  3. the cargo is below required (100kg) weight specification

  4. an AWB is required

  5. the flight if full and/or eBook is currently not available for this airline

1. If you are already registered on CargoAi, please email with your valid IATA CASS so that we can help update your account.
This normally takes one working day. Once this is done, please logout and login to check if you are able to see the BOOK button for the required flight.

2. You can change the input dimensions of your cargo as follows:
Make sure you are logged into - Click the SEARCH product tour HERE to learn more or follow hereunder steps to do this:
Step A: click on DIMENSIONS

Step B: fill in the relevant information then click on Save

(number of pieces, dimensions and weight, etc.)

Step C: click on DIMENSIONS again (if you have additional pieces with different dimensions)

3. The cargo is below required (100kg) weight specification -
After you perform a flight search, if you see "quote request is not available for any shipment below 100kg) next to the REQUEST QUOTES button,

you will need to increase your cargo weight to 100kg or above in order to make a manual quote or booking request (you will see the REQUEST QUOTE, etc. buttons)

4. If you add an AWB, pls ensure you click the SAVE button and click BOOK thereafter.

5. If you are still unable to see the BOOK button after checking all the above, it is also possible that the airline is full and/or and does not allow eBooking for now for that flight. In this case, you can make a quote request to the airline instead to check.
Perform a search to get into the Search Results screen. Click HERE to learn more about eQuote Request.

Do email us at if further information/assistance is required.

We hope you find this article useful!

Note: Images shown here are for illustrative purposes only.

CargoAi reserves the right to change the actual screen layout without prior notice.

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