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SEARCH button is not working
SEARCH button is not working

Possible fixes to re-enable the SEARCH button.

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Please ensure you have input the flight destination, a valid date, weight and volume.

If information is missing, PINK prompts will be seen at these fields.

Once the required information has been input, the SEARCH icon should light up and you can proceed to click on it to search for the flight/s.

If above is done but the SEARCH button is still not working, please try hereunder possible fixes:

  1. Logout and login to the CargoAi apps - Check if the SEARCH is able to work?

  2. If you are using Google translation or any translation apps on your PC, please disable it, logout and login to and check if SEARCH is able to work thereafter?
    To confirm that the translation apps is disabled, the CargoAi app should be in english.

  3. Press Ctrl+F5, check if SEARCH works thereafter.

If the SEARCH is still not working, please send us hereunder information so that we can escalate to our technical team:

a. When is the last time the SEARCH worked?

b. Please send us screenshots of any errors in the console
(press F12 then tab console)

c. Confirm if you have tried the above step 1 to 3 possible fixes

Thank you.

We hope you find this article useful!

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CargoAi reserves the right to change the actual screen layout without prior notice.

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