The eQuote dashboard
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Thanks to CargoAi, you will receive more quote requests which will transform into additional business !

Here you will learn how to read our eQuote dashboard.

From the "Quotes" tab on the top menu bar, you will see:

  • All quotes - all the quote requests you have received from forwarders who made the requests from CargoAi app. Only the Expired quote requests won't appear.

    By default, it is sorted by departure date from the Newest to the Oldest.

  • Pending - here, you will find the quote requests which need to be answered.

  • Booking requested - this is the list of bookings that forwarders placed but need your confirmation.

  • Expired - This represents the quote requests which were not responded before the date of departure; hence no further response is needed.

There are 4 possible statuses for each eQuote.

Indicates your quote request is pending airline/GSA reply.

Indicates that your quote has been declined.

Indicates that your quote has been approved.

Indicates your booking request is pending airline/GSA reply.

Indicates that your booking has been declined.

Indicates that your booking is now confirmed/accepted.

This dashboard is updated in real time. Furthermore, if the e-mail notification is enabled, you will also receive an email notification every time there is any activity.

You can filter to see shipments via time frame options:

Urgent / This Week / This Month or All

We hope this article was helpful!

Note: Images shown here are for illustrative purposes only.
CargoAi reserves the right to change the actual screen layout without prior notice.

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