If you have existing Market and/or Contract rate lists which you would like to upload and use, you can upload them to our system by using this Link.


Pls follow hereunder steps to create the require rates sheet for upload.

Rate template (IMPORTANT)

To ensure that your uploaded rate files can be integrated quickly, it needs to have the following format:

These fields are (respectively):

  1. Airline

  2. Origin (3 letter IATA Code)

  3. Destination (3 letter IATA Code)

  4. Commodity : General Cargo / Perishable / Dangerous Goods / Live Animals / Pharmaceuticals / Valuables

  5. Start Date (input in format DDMTHYR, e.g. 01JAN22)

  6. End Date (input in format DDMTHYR, e.g. 31MAR22)

  7. Fuel Surcharge

  8. Security Surcharge

  9. Minimum

  10. Normal

  11. 45 + kg

  12. 100.0 + kg

  13. 300.0 + kg

  14. 500.0 + kg

  15. 1000.0 + kg

  16. 3000.0 + kg

  17. Currency

  18. Status - leave this blank

  19. **IATA CASS (11 numbers; e.g. 1234567-1234)
    (IATA CASS info is required only for CONTRACT rates. Just ADD a column at the end and input the IATA CASS - not shown in above picture)

Note that:

  • Normal = 0 to 45 kg

  • Commodity = Product Type

Do not type any words within the rates table or leave any field blank (example circled in white in hereunder screenshot example):

If the Market/Contract rate files being uploaded are not in the above format, it will take a while before they can be integrated on our platform for your use.
We do apologise for the delay.

Market rates

RENAME your Market rate file/s by adding "Market" in front of filename.

Select the 'rates' menu at the top of the screen and upload the file/s using the PDF/XLSX box.

Contract rates

Rename your Contract rate file/s by adding "Contract" in front of filename.

Ensure you ADD your **IATA CASS in the table/rate list.

Select the 'rates' menu at the top of the screen and upload the file/s using the PDF/XLSX box.

IMPORTANT: The rates data being uploaded needs to be in PDF/XLSX format

Select option to 'Drag and drop here or' or click 'Browse Files'
Once file is selected, the filename will appear in the 'Name'

Select UPLOAD to upload the rates

We hope you find this article useful!

Note: Images shown here are for illustrative purposes only.

CargoAi reserves the right to change the actual screen layout without prior notice.

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