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This section outlines rules that must be followed when using the CargoAi API Suite. API users who do not adhere to these rules or who otherwise abuse CargoAi servers may have their API privileges revoked, losing access to all endpoints. CargoaAi does not accept any liability for any loss of revenue caused by the disabling of API access for misuse.

Maximum API Connections

If a user causes an excessive number of connections within one minute, an automated process will disable API access. The limit will never be approached under normal API use and cannot be manually reset or increased.

No Data Forwarding

Data forwarding or forward distribution is strictly forbidden. When a customer sends data from the CargoAi API suite to another company that is not an active user of the CargoAi API, this is considered data forwarding or forward distribution. This includes both selling content and giving it away for free.

Caching of API Results

Some caching may be implemented on your end, however please consider the volatile nature of the airfreight data "commodity"! There is no static content included in the CargoAi APIs and the data across all endpoints will change frequently. We recommend not caching any API results.

API users are not allowed to cache availability or rates. This is to ensure the presented information is always as accurate as possible and bookings have the best chance of succeeding and being accepted by our airline partners' systems.

No Changing Rates

The rate returned in the availability and rates endpoint is the actual price the airline has pushed to us and the price the forwarders shall shall pay. Changing this rate for any reason is strictly forbidden.

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