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How do I make a booking?
How do I make a booking?
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There are two ways to make a booking.

1. The quickest way is as follows:

Search for flight

First, search for the required flight sector for your shipment. To learn how to do this, click HERE.

Select the airlines

Once you have entered your shipment details and clicked on Search, you will arrive on the Search results page.

From there, *select the routings you are interested in by ticking the boxes on the right and click on BOOK NOW button.

*Note that you can only select one flight per airline.

If you add an AWB, pls ensure you click the SAVE button and click BOOK thereafter.

This will send the BOOKING REQUEST to the airlines.

Just wait for the airline to respond - Note that it might take a few days before you get a reply from the airline.

2. Click How do I book from an eQuote (quote request) for another method of making a booking

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