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Are Rates seen All-In or Nett?
Are Rates seen All-In or Nett?
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There are a few ways to check if the air freight rates found are ALL-IN (i.e. inclusive of Fuel, security, war, etc. surcharges) or NETT:

Method 1
Search for the required cargo flight. To learn how to do this, click HERE
Hover over the freight rate shown, and you will see if they are ALL-IN or NETT (circled in RED).

Method 2
If the airline's market rates has been uploaded on our system, you can also check in the GENERAL CONDITIONS section (at the bottom) if the rates are ALL-IN or NETT (circled in RED).
Click HERE to learn how to access the various airline's uploaded market rates.

Method 3
When making a quote or booking request, whether the rates are ALL-IN or NETT (circled in RED) is shown on the LEFT column near the top.
​Gentle reminder to read the Disclaimer & Airline Disclaimer information just below the RATE.

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