How can I activate my CargoWALLET?
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You will first need to register for a CargoMART account - this is free. (

Once your CargoMART account has been successfully processed and activated, login to your account.

Click MY WALLET icon (at the TOP RIGHT of the display) to get to CargoWALLET Management display.
Click on ACTIVATE MY WALLET button

You will be directed to a page that looks like the below.

Please complete all required fields in the form, marked with *.

Please note that when all required information and documentation are successfully provided, review will take about 5 business days before it is activated, and 2 weeks for PayLater to be approved.

Before submitting the form, please read the Terms of Service, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please review and fully understand the entire contents before accepting them by checking the box at the end of the form.



If you would like to request for PayLater, kindly select the ''PayLater Amount requested'' and the ''Estimated number of MAWB per month''.

Please note that PayLater is subject to approval by CargoAi. Read more in this article


If you are unclear what your official company registration number is, please have a look at some of the examples below.


The Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique 11 digit identifier issued to all entities registered in the Australian Business Register (ABR).


The Business Number (BN) is a 9-digit account number that identifies your business to federal, provincial, and municipal governments. The BN is issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).


A SIRET (Système d'Identification du Répertoire des Entreprises) number is a 14-digit identifier that includes the SIREN number (assigned to every registered business in France to identify the business and its legal entity, such as a company or a sole proprietorship), and an additional five-digit number that represents the specific location or establishment of the business.


The Handelsregisternummer is a number every business gets when it’s listed in the German Trade Register (Handelsregister).
The Handelsregisternummer has the format HRA 12345 or HRB 12345: HRA is for a sole proprietorship (Einzelunternehmen), and HRB is for an incorporated company (Kapitalgesellschaft). 12345 is the unique number of this business. There is sometimes an extra letter.


Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is a 21 digits alpha-numeric code issued to companies incorporated within the country on being registered by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) situated in different states across India under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

However, CIN is not given to the Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) registered in India. For the LLPs, the ROC gives the LLPIN (Limited Liability Partnership Identification Number) that acts as a unique 7-digit identification number of the LLP.


When you register your business in the Dutch Business Register (Handelsregister), you are given an 8-digit KVK number.


The Unique Entity Number (UEN) is a 9 or 10 digit identification number that is issued by the government in Singapore to all entities that operate within the country.


The CIF - Código de Identificación Fiscal (CIF) number is a 9 digit identification number, composed of a letter plus eight digits, used to identify a Spanish company or legal entity for tax purposes.

It is worth noting that the CIF has no longer been in use since 2008 and has now been merged with the NIF number which is used instead.

United Kingdom

A Company Registration Number (CRN) is a unique eight-character code assigned to incorporated businesses in the UK.

United States

An Employer Identification Number is the nine-digit number the Internal Revenue Service requires from business owners who pay employees.

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