Who can apply for PayLater?
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Any freight forwarders with an active CargoMART account can apply for a PayLater.

In this article we also address the following questions:

How to apply for PayLater?

Step-by-Step Guide:

First, indicate your interest during the initial registration process. If you wish to use PayLater payment methods, kindly select the ''PayLater Amount requested'' and the ''Estimated number of MAWB per month''.

Second, once your WALLET has been activated, you will automatically be qualified for the Prepaid payment method only. This will allow you to further complete the next two activities.

  1. Top up (add funds) a sufficient amount to your WALLET to cover your first shipment in full.

  2. Complete your first booking in CargoMART using the Prepaid payment method.

Upon completion of both activities, your request for the Paylater payment method can then be reviewed.

Third. after confirmation on your first booking using the Prepaid payment method, CargoAi will review your request which may take up to 2 weeks depending on the assessment.

Please note that PayLater is subject to approval by CargoAi.

You will always be able to use the Prepaid payment method if your PayLater request is not approved.

Do I still need to apply for PayLater if I have an IATA Cass Number?

Yes, you will still need to apply with the steps in the previous section.

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