CargoAi will issue an invoice on 1st and 16th of the month.

You will receive each invoice for payment due date of 30 days and/or 60 days separately. Invoice may include the following items:

AWB booking confirmed amount - before corrective charges and other costs, depending on the time of shipment

AWB final amount - including corrective charges and other costs depending on the time of shipment

Adjustment - AWB final amount with charges - AWB booking confirmed amount already paid in previous invoice

Adjustment - Dispute

PayLater Fee - PayLater service fee of 2% for 30 days and 4% for 60 days will be charged

Late Payment Fee - If your Prepayment funds did not have sufficient funds on the time when CargoAi processed deduction on Payment due date, late payment fee will be charged

On the payment due date, CargoAi will deduct the due amount from your Prepayment funds. If transaction fails due to insufficient funds in your Prepayment funds, CargoAi will try again on the next available day. Please note that there will be Late Payment fee of 3% per month. If there is over due amount, you will not be able to make any eBookings in our platform. Please ensure your Prepayment funds have sufficient amount before the due date to avoid any late payment fees or suspension from our platform.

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