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What is the CO2 efficiency score exactly? Is it a new standard?
What is the CO2 efficiency score exactly? Is it a new standard?
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We are well aware that the proliferation of standards is only confusing the industry so no, this is NOT another standard.

In addition to our existing CO2 calculation (based on the IATA standard practice 1678) embedded into our Tracking and Search results, we have released an important indicator, the CO2 Efficiency Score.

The CO2 efficiency score measures how efficient a shipment is in terms of CO2 emissions compared to all other routes/aircraft available at the time of booking.

100% is the best score which means that the shipment was booked on the most optimized route and aircraft and therefore releases the lowest CO2 in the atmosphere compared to all other bookable routes.

This score is available both during the instant booking process, but also through our analytics tool to ensure that forwarders can review their scores across their markets and through time and can engage with their own clients to identify alternative air options, address the necessary yield premium and eventually come as close as possible to a 100% score.

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