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Complete overview of eAWB
Complete overview of eAWB
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Things to Note

How does it work?

In a nutshell, users can complete individual FWB/FHL forms on CargoAi and send it to airlines at the click of a few buttons.

How to send FWB/FHL on our App?

  1. Once shipments are in the "BOOKING CONFIRMED" status, users will be able to access the FWB/FHL module on the shipments details page.

  2. On the shipments details page, users will be able to fill up the FWB/FHL module.

  3. Clicking on the 'EDIT' button will trigger the Master AWB (FWB) edit state, and allow users to complete the relevant fields.

    • In order to save, user will have to complete all mandatory fields highlighted in pink.

  4. Once the user has completed all mandatory fields, they will be able to click save.

  5. Once saved, the user will be able to click on the "SEND" icon to transmit their Master AWB (FWB) over to the Airline.

  6. Successful transmission of Master AWB.

    • Upon a successful transmission of the Master AWB (FWB), the "SEND" button will be greyed out until the user makes changes to any of the details.

  7. To trigger House AWB (FHL) flow, users will need to click on the "ADD" button.

  8. Clicking on the "ADD" button will bring up the relevant FHL cards (Shipper/Consignee/House AWB Details).

  9. Completing the House AWB section and clicking save will create individual rows within the House AWB card. To add more FHL's click on the "+" icon.

  10. Users can add up to 10 House AWB's (FHL). They can be sent to airlines individually by clicking on the "SEND" button.

  11. Successful House AWB transmission.

  12. Upon a successful transmission, the "SEND" button will be greyed out and a 'sent' status will appear with a timestamp.

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