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CargoMART Payment powered by CargoWALLET
What is the difference between CargoMART Payment and CargoWALLET?
What is the difference between CargoMART Payment and CargoWALLET?
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CargoMART Payments and CargoWALLET are two related but distinct payment solutions.

CargoMART Payments:

CargoMART Payments powered by CargoWALLET is a payment solution embedded within CargoMART, designed to streamline import and export bookings.

You can pay airlines directly without needing an Air Waybill (AWB) or an IATA CASS Number. It's a different way to pay compared to the regular IATA CASS method.

This choice is available when booking on CargoMART.


CargoWALLET is a broader air cargo payment system that extends beyond the CargoMART platform. It serves as a universal payment solution for the entire air cargo ecosystem, enabling efficient payment of both local and cross-border invoices.

It's not just for CargoMART – anyone in the CargoWALLET network can use it, no matter if they're using CargoMART or other platforms.

You can find out more about CargoMART Payments and CargoWALLET below.
​CargoMART Payments

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