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How do I add new users to each office's CargoWALLET?
How do I add new users to each office's CargoWALLET?
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Adding new users to CargoWALLET for different offices is a straightforward process.

Here's how it works:

  1. Request for New Users:

    Only existing users of an Office can request to add additional users to the CargoWALLET.

  2. Contact Support:

    To request new users, the existing user(s) should send an email to

  3. Level of Access: All subsequent users added to the same Office will have the same level of access to their respective CargoWALLETs.

💡When a new application is submitted, the Office is automatically set up based on the location or city specified in the application form.

💡The CargoWALLET User who submitted the application form will have access to that Office's CargoWALLET.


  • John is based in London and applied for the London office.

    His CargoWALLET is activated for the London Office, and he becomes a user of that Office.

  • Later, John requests to activate CargoWALLET for 5 employees.

    Now there are 6 total users under the London office.

A year later...

  • John is asked to set up CargoWALLET for the new Paris office.

    After activation, John is the only user for the Paris Office.

  • When Celine joins as a new employee at the Paris Office, John emails to add her as a user.

    Now there are 2 users for the Paris office.

➡️ John is listed as a user for both London and Paris offices.

➡️ Celine does not have access to the London office's CargoWALLET, and vice versa for her 5 colleagues in London who do not have access to the CargoWALLET of the Paris office.

We hope you find this article useful!

We hope you find this article useful!

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