Airline/GSA registration walkthrough
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Feeling lost trying to sign up as an airline user?
Fret not! We are here to show you the way!

There are 3 steps.

Step 1:

At the login page, select TRY FREE.

Select airline

Enter your *corporate email address in the email address field, *password, first name and last name.

Note that:

  1. CargoAi only accepts corporate email addresses. If you are struggling to add your email in registration, please see this article: Why can't I register my email?

  2. Future emails from CargoAi will be sent to this email address.

  3. Follow these rules for the *password.

Click the hyperlink to read CargoAi's terms and conditions.

Once all fields are completed, the agree box will change color. Select agree to complete registration stage 1.

"Success!" prompt will appear after above is done.

You will receive a "Please verify your CargoAi account" within 3 to 5 minutes in the Inbox of the *email which you had used as the CargoAi login.

If you are unable to find it in your email's inbox, please check in the spam or junk folder as well.

You can also check with your IT department to ensure that domain is not blocked and messages from are allowed in your network.

Click on the button VERIFY or on the registration link to proceed to the 2nd step.

Note that the registration link is only valid for 2 weeks.

Step 2:

Please enter the Airline Name you work for and your location (Airport Code & Country)

If you are a GSA, please tick the box "I am representing this airline as a GSA" and add or select the offered GSA company name.

Type the Airline Name and select the airline you represent (just one should be sufficient).

If you are from a GSA, TICK the box 'I am representing this airline as a GSA'.

Type your company name and select the correct company if you see it listed.

If you do not see your company name, just type the required name and it will be created in your account.

For the Airport code, please select or enter the 3-letter airport code.

Please select or enter only 2-letter country code offered by the system once you type in the Origin Airport Code, e.g. IE for Ireland, etc.

​If you type the full country name, the REGISTER & VERIFY button will NOT light up and you will not be able to complete the registration.

Once all mandatory information are captured, you can click on the CONTINUE button.

You will see hereunder prompt after this is done.

Our team will review your registration and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Step 3:

a. You will receive a WELCOME email in your login email's INBOX from which would indicate that your Airline Account has been activated.

b. Just open CHROME browser to access and login with your login email and password (from Step 1 above)

You will now be able to access your Airline Account.

Note: Images shown here are for illustrative purposes only.
​CargoAi reserves the right to change the actual screen layout without prior notice.

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