Where do I choose the payment method?
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Following the usual CargoMART flow from search to eBooking, once you have selected your final route for your import shipment, you will be able to choose the payment method as shown below.

On the shipment details page, you can choose between several payment methods (see below screenshot example) :



  1. IATA CASS : This payment method is only available if you are an IATA CASS agent. Payment will be by IATA CASS billing. Please pay to IATA based on the IATA CASS calendar. This payment method is not supported by CargoWALLET.

  2. Prepaid : Payment with your ''Prepaid Balance''.
    Booking amount will be immediately deducted from the CargoWALLET Prepaid Balance, together with additional 10 % of the ''TOTAL FREIGHT AMOUNT''.

If you want more information about ''Prepaid Balance'', please refer to this article What is Prepaid Balance.

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