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What is CargoMART Payments?
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CargoMART Payments powered by CargoWALLET is a new product embedded in CargoMART that allows you to do import and export bookings without an AWB and pay the airlines directly, without an IATA CASS Number.

It differs from the standard CargoMART bookings which are based on your office's geographic location. A standard CargoMART booking lets you send shipments from where you are based, and payments are made via IATA CASS.

The new WALLET product allows freight forwarders to make import and export bookings regardless of your office base. It follows the same CargoMART flow from search to confirmation, adding an additional payment step in-app via the WALLET.

CargoWALLET is set up on the office level. If your company has several offices, each office will need to apply to activate its CargoWALLET. The funds per office are treated as seperate entities and cannot be shared between offices.
​For more information on how to activate your CargoWALLET, please refer to this article :

For information about our CargoWALLET product, please refer to this article :

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