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What does the status of my WALLET mean?
What does the status of my WALLET mean?
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By default, even with an active CargoMART account, your WALLET is inactive.

When your application form is submitted, your status will be switched to Pending .

PENDING (Activation)

This status means that your application is being reviewed.

If all the requirements are met, CargoAi will activate your WALLET.


When your WALLET is Activated, all users in your office will be able to enjoy the import and export features.


While temporary, this is a critical and urgent status that is only turned on in emergencies where funds are insufficient, or there is an issue at the office level with the WALLET.

While the funds remain frozen, users that are associated with that office will not be able to use the WALLET to pay for shipments.

If your WALLET is blocked, please contact our customer service team at

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