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Interactive Market Insights
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Welcome to the Market Insights Dashboard โ€“ the nexus of data-driven intelligence in the realm of air cargo market operations. Purpose-built for airlines and freight forwarders alike, this dashboard seamlessly integrates real-time metrics, retrospective analysis, and anticipatory projections. The goal? To equip your business with the foresight and agility necessary to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.

Get the aggregation of all the data going through CargoAI to find out more about trends in the market around rates, capacity, CO2, Quality and more !

Key Features:

  1. Deep Data Reservoir: Gleaned from trusted solutions like CargoMART, CargoCONNECT, and more, our dashboard assimilates data from an extensive user base and numerous AWBs, providing an unmatched view into the ebbs and flows of the air cargo industry.

  2. Historical and Predictive Gaze: Review the intricate patterns from the past 6 weeks and prepare for what lies ahead in the next 2 weeks. This dual-view ensures your sales strategies are always attuned to the pulse of the market.

  3. Confidentiality at its Core: We understand the sanctity of sensitive data. While we present a vast landscape of information, individual airline rates are meticulously concealed, focusing on overarching trends and patterns.

  4. User-Centric Interactivity: Beyond a mere data display, the dashboard is your interactive arena. Engage with it, modify data parameters, and extract the insights pivotal to your business strategy. From holistic country perspectives to filtering by specific destinations, your analysis has no bounds.

  5. Concise Weekly Snapshots: Stay updated, even on the move. Opt for our weekly email summaries and receive a streamlined overview of pivotal market changes, right in your inbox.

  6. Customizable Access: With a subscription model based on origin countries, you only invest in insights that align with your business's geographic scope.

Throughout this guide, you'll uncover the multifaceted capabilities of the Market Insights Dashboard, meticulously crafted to ensure that every decision you make is underpinned by data of the highest caliber.

For any queries or if you face challenges during your exploration, our dedicated helpdesk is ever-ready to assist. Embark on a data-driven journey with CargoAi and redefine your air cargo strategy!

Q1: What is the primary purpose of the Market Insights Dashboard?

A1: The Market Insights Dashboard serves as a comprehensive platform to provide airlines and freight forwarders with real-time metrics, historical data, and forward projections about the air cargo market, enabling them to make informed and agile business decisions.

Q2: From which sources is the dashboard's data gathered?

A2: The data is collated from various trusted CargoAi solutions, including but not limited to CargoMART, CargoCONNECT, and several other platforms, with inputs from thousands of users and AWBs.

Q3: Is the data showcased on the dashboard real-time?

A3: Yes, the Dashboard integrates real-time data to give users the most up-to-date insights into the air cargo market.

Q4: How do you ensure the confidentiality of individual airline rates?

A4: Our system is designed to anonymize specific rates, ensuring that while you get a clear view of the market trends, the individual rates of airlines remain confidential and protected with industry practice anti trust rules to hide data on routes when there is not enough airlines or

Q5: Can I customize the data view on the dashboard?

A5: Absolutely! The dashboard is highly interactive, allowing users to modify data views, engage with different parameters, and extract insights based on specific criteria, including by country or destination.

Q6: How often is the data on the dashboard updated?

A6: The data on the dashboard is updated regularly to reflect real-time changes. Plus, users can receive a weekly snapshot of the most crucial updates right in their inbox.

Q7: Do I have to pay for access to data from all countries?

A7: Our subscription model is based on origin countries. You can choose to subscribe and pay only for the data relevant to specific countries of your interest.

Q8: What does the weekly email snapshot include?

A8: The weekly email snapshot provides a concise overview of the most pivotal market changes and trends over the past week, ensuring users are always abreast of the latest developments.

Q9: I'm facing issues navigating the dashboard. Where can I seek help?

A9: We have a dedicated helpdesk available to assist with any challenges or questions you might have. Please reach out, and our team will be happy to guide you.

Q10: Is training provided for new users unfamiliar with the dashboard functionalities?

A10: Yes, we offer onboarding and training sessions for new users to familiarize them with the dashboard's features and functionalities.

Q11: Can I integrate the Market Insights Dashboard with other systems or platforms?

A11: The dashboard is only available through our CargoMART solutions

Q12: How is the dashboard's predictive analysis for the upcoming 2 weeks generated?

A12: Our predictive analysis is based on sophisticated algorithms and historical data patterns. These algorithms analyze past trends to provide forecasts for the upcoming weeks, giving businesses a strategic advantage.

Q13: Are there any additional costs for the weekly email snapshots?

A13: The weekly email snapshot is a part of our subscription package. There are no additional charges for this feature.

Q14: How can I provide feedback or suggestions for the dashboard?

A14: We always welcome user feedback to enhance our platform. You can share your feedback directly through the dashboard's interface or contact our support team.

Q15: What is "Mean rate" and why not "Average rate"?

A15: The terms "Mean" and "Average" are often used interchangeably in general conversation, but in statistical and mathematical contexts, they can have distinct connotations. The "Mean rate" refers to the sum of all rates divided by the number of rates, which is essentially the arithmetic average. When we refer to the "Mean rate" on our dashboard, we aim to emphasize the statistical precision and accuracy behind our calculations. By using "Mean," we underscore our commitment to providing data-driven insights, ensuring that users are aware of the robust analytical foundations of our platform. Additionally, in some analytical contexts, "Average" can encompass other types of central tendencies like median or mode, so "Mean" provides clarity and specificity.

Q16: Is there any mobile application available for Market Insights Dashboard?

A16: The Market Insights Dashboard is optimized for desktop and web usage.

Q17: How secure is the data on the dashboard?

A17: Data security is paramount to us. The dashboard uses state-of-the-art encryption methods and follows best practices to ensure that your data remains protected at all times. Regular security audits are conducted to maintain and elevate our security standards.

Q18: Can I export the data from the dashboard for offline analysis?

A18: Partially, some of the charts in the dashboard provides export functionality, allowing users to download data in common formats, such as CSV or Excel, for offline analysis and reporting.

This FAQ aims to address common queries. If your question isn't listed above, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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