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Can I modify my bookings?
Can I modify my bookings?
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Yes you can!

This feature is now available for ALL airlines except

  • Air Europa

  • Cathay Cargo

  • Qatar (temporarily)

Please note that we do not allow for modifications for bookings that are 24 hours to departure and if the modify booking button is not available, please contact the airline directly for assistance in this.

Airlines with modify booking.

You can start your modifications if available, from your booking page!
How do you know if its available?
The edit button is available on key details that can be modified, eg Flight details, Cargo details etc.

Under "YOUR NEXT ACTION", modify booking button is seen.

You can modify these:

Flight Details - Date
Cargo Details - Dimensions, number of pieces, and weight.

After editing the details, the new flights and rates will we generated. Select the flight and save it.

There will be a prompt to click modify booking.

The modify booking button will be clickable. Click on it to continue. This is the most important step to confirm your booking.

Once it is completed the booking confirmation page will show booking requested.

Once the modification is accepted, you will be notified. Both as an email and on the booking confirmation page.

What happens if booking is cancelled without clicking modify booking?

The modified booking will revert back to the original booking before changes were made. There will be a prompt to confirm if you want to cancel the modification.

What happens when a booking is NOT ACCEPTED / REJECTED?

The modified booking will revert back to the original booking. You, the user, will receive a notification and an email informing you that the airline has rejected your modification request.

If the booking modification is not accepted, please follow the steps highlighted below, to :

  • manually contact the GSA/airline

  • make a new booking, then cancel the old/previous booking.

Airlines without modify booking.

For those airlines without modify booking,

Booking modifications or questions need to be manually sent via email to the relevant airline or GSA (the 'Booking Confirmed' email now includes contact details of airline or GSA)

'Booking Confirmed' email now also includes operational contact details of airline or GSA if you need this information.

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 12.14.02 PM

Note that the CargoAi booking modification will be systematically rolled out for more airlines every quarter in 2023.

We hope you find this article useful!

Note: Images shown here are for illustrative purposes only.

CargoAi reserves the right to change the actual screen layout without prior notice.

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