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Meaning or Acronyms of the event codes

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Thank you for using our suite of APIs! To get you started and to understand the tracking API's event codes, here is a list of codes you will encounter:

ACC - Accepted
AST - Assigned to another flight
ARR - Arrived
ARE - Arrival estimated
DLV - Delivered
DDL - Documents Delivered
RCV - Received
DEP - Departed
MAN - Manifested
BKC - Booking Confirmed
BKD - Booked
BKG - Booking Generated
RCS - Received from Shipper
RCF - Received from Flight
NFD - Consignee Notified
FOH - Freight on hand
AWD - Documentation Delivered
CLD - Cargo Loaded
PRE - Shipment Prepared
ARV - Arrived
FWB - Electronic AWB
TRA - In Transit
AWR - Documents Received
TFD - Transferred
RCT - Received from other airline
SCW - Shipment Checked Into Warehouse
CLC - Cleared by Customs
TPL - Temperature Log
PIC - Available for pickup
SOH - Shipment on hold
PDD - Pre-declaration is done
MCC - Matching cancelled
DCD - Documentation check is done

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We hope this give you a better understanding of the event codes and find this article useful!

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