Uploading market rates
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You can upload the rates to our system by using this Link.

Rate template (IMPORTANT)

Only rates with valid dates will be uploaded. Expired rates will not be displayed.

To ensure that your uploaded rate files can be integrated quickly, it needs to have the following format:

Here is the rates template in case you need it --> Rates Template 2024.xlsx

These fields are (respectively):

  1. Status (Default shows ACTIVE)
    Options are ACTIVE, INACTIVE

  2. Rate Type (Default shows MARKET)

    IATA CASS is required only for CONTRACT rates. This has 11 numbers; e.g. 1234567-1234

  4. *Airline (2 letter Airline IATA Code)

  5. *Origin (3 letter IATA Code)

  6. *Dest (3 letter IATA Code)

  7. *Commodity :
    Options are General Cargo / Perishable / Dangerous Goods / Live Animals / Pharmaceuticals / Valuables, Express, Human Remains, Others

  8. Service (Default shows ALL)
    Options are LD, MD, NB

  9. Density (Default shows 1:6)
    Options are <1:5, <1:4, <1:3, <1:2

  10. FlightNo (Default shows ALL)
    This is the Flight Number.
    Options are XXXNNNN (where XXX is alphabet and NNNN are numbers)

  11. Day (Default shows 1234567)
    Indicate days when flight is available (where 1 is monday, 2 is tuesday, etc.)

  12. ULD Type
    Options are LDP, MDP, AKE

  13. *Start Date
    (Input in format YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2024-12-31)

  14. *End Date
    (Input in format YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2024-12-31)

  15. Min-amount
    (Minimum amount)

  16. Norm-pivotWeight
    (Normal amount)

  17. 45-overPivot
    Rates +45kg

  18. 100-maxWeight
    Rates +100kg

  19. 300

  20. 500

  21. 1000

  22. 3000

  23. Currency
    E.g. EUR, USD, etc.

  24. Fuel Surcharge

  25. Security Surcharge

  26. MSC
    Miscellaneous charges

  27. Seller IATACASS
    (Leave this blank - 11 numbers; e.g. 1234567-1234)

  28. ID (Leave this BLANK/EMPTY)

    Note that:
    '*' indicates MANDATORY fields
    Norm-pivotWeight = 0 to 45 kg
    Commodity = Product Type
    Do not change the spelling of the column titles/header
    Do not re-arrange the columns

    Commodity = Product Type

    Do not type any words within the rates section; i.e. columns O to 3000kg )

UPLOAD MARKET RATE & Terms and Conditions


Upload the rates to our system by using this Link

Input the 2 letter Airline Code

Select option 'Choose a file' to select the required formatted rates file to upload
Once file is selected, the filename will appear in the 'Name'

Remember to paste the Terms & Conditions in the box
Select the arrow pointing to the LEFT

Complete the information and click SUBMIT once you are ready to send the information.

You will see hereunder once your rates and terms & conditions have been successfully submitted:

Your rate sheet will be uploaded to us and published as soon as possible.

We hope you find this article useful!

Note: Images shown here are for illustrative purposes only.
CargoAi reserves the right to change the actual screen layout without prior notice.

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