CargoMART Payment powered by CargoWALLET
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What is CargoMART Payment powered by CargoWALLET?

CargoMART Payments powered by CargoWALLET is a payment solution embedded within CargoMART, designed to streamline import and export bookings.

You can pay airlines directly without needing an Air Waybill (AWB) or an IATA CASS Number. It's a different way to pay compared to the regular IATA CASS method.

This choice is available when booking on CargoMART, our award-winning solution that manages your entire air cargo booking process.

Are you a Freight Forwarder looking for Airfreight capacity?

πŸ‘ Do you already have access to CargoMART or CargoWALLET?

You can log into both site using the same credentials.

πŸ—Ί Already having specific projects or shipment opportunities in mind? Read about our CargoWALLET network coverage here.

πŸ’° After your wallet is activated, you can add funds via bank transfer. We have no hidden costs for wallet top-ups.

✈ Once your funds have arrived in your wallet, you’re all set to make your first prepaid eBooking! Search, book and pay within minutes, and stay ahead of the game.

πŸš€ If you want to unlock the PayLater feature, please contact

You can find out more about CargoMART Payment here or in our FAQ.

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