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Why do I need to submit my bank account information?
Why do I need to submit my bank account information?
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We collect your bank account details for several important reasons:

Payment Processing: One of the primary purposes of collecting your bank account details is to ensure that we can make payments to you as a vendor. By providing us with your bank details, we can efficiently deposit funds directly into your account, ensuring that you receive payments promptly.

Refunds and Reimbursements: In the event that refunds or reimbursements are necessary, having your bank account information on file allows us to process these transactions swiftly. Whether it's a customer requesting a refund or us reimbursing you for specific reasons, having accurate bank details ensures the timely and hassle-free handling of such transactions.

By safeguarding your bank account information with utmost security and confidentiality, we aim to enhance your overall experience and maintain a mutually beneficial business relationship.
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