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Speedy Transactions with CargoWALLET
Speedy Transactions with CargoWALLET
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At CargoWALLET, we understand the importance of fast and efficient transactions. Here's a breakdown of the speed of our various financial processes:

1. Top Up Your CargoWALLET

  • Multiple Payment Options: Enjoy flexibility with various payment methods. Depending on your country, you can easily top up your CargoWALLET using local payment methods, credit cards, and international bank transfers.

  • Immediate Availability: Once the funds reach the financial institution, CargoWALLET receives the update through an API. Your funds become instantly available for use.

2. Transfer Between CargoWALLETs

  • Instant Transfers: Sending money between two CargoWALLETs happens instantly. The vendor can use the funds right away, and they are deducted from the payer's balance immediately.

3. Withdraw/Pay Out from Your CargoWALLET

  • Instant Requests: When you request a withdrawal, CargoWALLET sends an instant order via API to the financial institution.

  • Swift Bank Transfer: The funds are swiftly sent to your bank account. The time it takes depends on local payment methods, ranging from instant to a few days at most.

*For Withdraw/Pay Out, please note that completion of the KYB process is required, which usually takes 5-7 working days. For more information, you can check the article What documents are required to complete my KYB process?

We hope you find this article useful!

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