If you wish to top-up your CargoWALLET, it must be ACTIVE.

If you want more information about how to activate your CargoWALLET, please refer to this article : HOW TO ACTIVATE MY CARGOWALLET

If you want to pay a shipment with your CargoWALLET, you will need to top up your Prepaid Balance first. Let us show you the steps.

  1. Click on the CargoWALLET logo to access CargoWALLET Management page.

  2. Click on the ''Top Up'' button to access to the Top Up page.

  3. Select the currency and the payment method you wish to use. Next, type the amount that you want to top up.

    Note : At the moment, CargoWALLET supports up to 30 currencies and two payment methods which are SWIFT (for all available currencies) and LOCAL BANK TRANSFER (for selected currencies).

  4. You're now ready ! Please click on the ''TOP UP MY WALLET'' button to confirm your top up details. An invoice will be automatically sent to your registered office finance email with bank details to proceed with the payment.

    Your CargoWALLET Prepaid Balance will be updated as soon as we receive the funds. Please note it may take few days to receive your prepayment depending on your bank.

  5. Feel free to click on the ''INVOICE'' button if you want to download the invoice with the bank details

Note :

You are only able to top-up the ''Prepaid Balance'',

''PayLater'' balance can't be topped up.

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