Flight or Event dates (e.g. departure, arrival, delivery) are not always registered by airlines in a consistent manner. Within a single carrier it can sometimes depend on the handler, the system, the market etc. which, in turn, can make your life difficult in determining the actual flight or event stamps!

Generally, we recommend mapping the following flow:

  1. first search for the "Actual flight date",

  2. if this can't be found, -> to look for "Scheduled flight date",

  3. if this one is not provided -> Choose "eventDate" to get to the actual date. The "eventDate" uses the timestamp when it has been made available by the airline.

Below you can find an overview on the following status levels: "DEP", "ARR", "RCF", "DLV" and which date you can choose to get to the most recent one in case of missing dates.

Status "DEP":

  • Choose "actualDeparture" first, if it's not available choose "eventDate" to receive the actual departure date.

Status "ARR":

  • Choose "actualArrival" firs, if it's not available, choose "eventDate" to get to receive the actual arrival date.

Status "RCF":

  • Choose "actualArrival", if it's not available, choose "eventDate" to get to the actual received date.

Status "DLV":

  • Choose "eventDate" to get to the delivery date.

If you need any further help, please feel free to contact us!

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