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Do I need to choose to be a Payer or Vendor?
Do I need to choose to be a Payer or Vendor?

Payer and Vendor Roles

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No, you do not need to choose between being a Payer and a Vendor; you have the flexibility to assume both roles simultaneously. This flexibility allows you to engage in various financial transactions and interactions as your needs require.

For instance, you can act as a Vendor, receiving payments from other Payers or entities within our platform. Conversely, you can function as a Payer when you need to make payments to other Vendors or entities within our platform, allowing you to participate in both sides of the financial transaction process.

It's important to emphasize that, regardless of your role, providing your bank account information is crucial. This information is essential for us to facilitate both incoming payments when you're a Vendor and processing refunds or credit payments when you're a Payer. If you have not yet provided this information, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. This ensures that you can seamlessly participate in both roles and enjoy a hassle-free experience using our system.

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